Does Your Child Need Braces?

BracesDoing a diagnosis of your child’s dental situation and arrangement is a good way of determining whether they could benefit from wearing braces. A professional opinion does not hurt either so do not feel shy about asking your dentist to chip in. If you are wondering whether your child might need braces, the following are signs you should be on the lookout for.

1. Loss of primary teeth at a tender age

Milk teeth or primary teeth are supposed to be shed at a tender age. However, if you lost your primary teeth at a relatively young age and your permanent teeth did not grow in right away, it could affect how your permanent teeth grow and develop.

2. Popping sounds emanating from their jaw

Shifting or popping of your jaw when you speak or eat could mean that it is not properly aligned. This could require a second opinion from your orthodontist but it is a problem that could be corrected with braces.

3. Crooked or crowded teeth

If you are not confident about your smile because of crooked or overly crowded teeth, you stand to benefit the most from braces. Crowded teeth are not only bad to look at, but they are also very hard to clean and this leads to a germ buildup that could end up causing other problems for your teeth. It is painful or impossible to floss crowded or crooked teeth and this puts you more at risk of developing tooth decay. Getting braces from your dentist can help straighten and correct overly crowded teeth, generally improving your dental health.

4. Having an overbite

Perhaps one of the most common reasons people opt for braces is having an overbite. Other than the aesthetic factor, it makes it uncomfortable to close your mouth causing you to breathe from your mouth more than you breathe from your nose. As unhealthy as this is, it also makes for really awkward breathing. Furthermore, your teeth do not fit in together properly and this can be annoying. If you fit into this category then you are the perfect candidate for braces.

5. Food particles often get stuck in their teeth

Food particles get stuck in everyone’s teeth and that is why we brush and floss. However, if this somehow becomes an annoyingly constant occurrence, then there is a chance that your teeth could be a bit too crowded or not in the best shape. This is a sure sign that you might be needing braces.

6. Constantly inflicting bite injuries on their cheek

When this happens too often, it could also mean that your teeth or jaw is not properly aligned and therefore, you have to be careful not to bite into your cheek when you chew. You can imagine how tedious it can be to always be on the vigil against unintentional injuries. Orthodontic treatment might be of great benefit for you.

As any orthodontist or dental professional in Garden Grove will tell you, great teeth are not only good for a smile. The proper alignment of your teeth is imperative in maintaining your dental health. Braces can accomplish this and much more when properly installed. No problem should be taken for granted when it comes to your teeth.