The Best Consumer Dental Cleaning Products for Your Child

Bedtime teethThe best consumer dental cleaning products are on every consumer must have listed these days. Having to yellow or even browning teeth due to stains can be embarrassing and prevent you from being able to relax enough to laugh and smile. The things we eat and drink every day leave behind stains as well as erosion of the enamel. You can choose teeth whitening products from just about any major store, but which ones are the best, especially for your kids?

Affordability coupled with the effectiveness of the product is often what can mean the difference between the best and the rest. Toothpaste now comes in a whitening formula, and many people wonder if that is enough to do the job. While they have the right ingredients, they do not necessarily do what you would think they do.

Chemical compounds known as tripolyphosphate and carbamide peroxide are found in teeth whitening toothpaste is appropriate for the whitening aspects of the job. The problem is that they aren’t able to remain on the surface of the tooth long enough to remove the stains. An abrasive toothpaste works on stains by using the abrasion technique. This can cause damage to the enamel over time.

Beyond toothpaste, many consumers are interested in the products that they can buy right over the counter and use in the privacy of their homes. For some mouths, these products are excellent. For other mouths, they are a complicated mess that doesn’t work. Any system that comes with a cleaning or whitening tray should be avoided. A one size fits all tray doesn’t fit all, and you can end up with some interesting results when you can’t keep it in place for long.

Over the counter products have the unpleasant side effect of often causing increased sensitivity of the teeth as well as gum swelling. It’s not always going to happen to all mouths, but it can be an issue for some.

If you happen to pass a stand in the mall or elsewhere that is set up to offer you a teeth whitening experience; it is highly recommended that you pass over the opportunity. You are not being assisted by a dentist, and yet the chemical compounds that are being used are made for dentist use only. With the bleaching agent they use containing such a high concentration, you are putting yourself at risk for severe damage.

In fact, this method of whitening your teeth can cause extensive and expensive damage. The concentration of bleach is so high that it can irreparably damage your enamel. This technique can exacerbate any underlying dental issues.

What are the best consumer dental cleaning products out there that are safe and affordable?

The best thing for anyone to do is consult their dentist before using anything. There are products that they can recommend that can be used in and out of the office. If using a bleaching agent, a dentist can have custom trays made for your teeth, which will work better than any of the one size fits all products. A dentist can also adjust a bleaching solution that will specifically help your teeth.